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Megan Parker
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United States
Hi! My name is Megan Parker! You can call me Meg, Meggie, or Megstar. I like South Park, chicken, and video games!

:D Thegameroflight12 :D
My Brother!!



Next Gen: Frostbite by mrcookie45
Next Gen: Frostbite
Name: Frostbite Blitz
Nickname(s): Frost, Frosty
Gender: Mare
Age: 17 years
Type: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: A snowflake
Talent: Playing winter sports
Occupation: None
Location: Equality Village
Likes: Winter, Christmas, Her parents, Snow, Playing buckball with her friends
Dislikes: Summer, Hot Weather, Coffee  
Fears: None that she knows of
Family: Night Glider (mother), Double Diamond (father), Blizzard Streak (older brother)
Special Somepony: None, at the moment
Relationship Status: Single
Positive Characteristics: Energetic, Kind, Tomboy   
Negative Characteristics: Stubborn, Kinda hyper at times
Voice Actor: TBA
Theme Song(s): Coming soon!

Blizzard Streak's little sister, Frostbite Blitz is an energetic, kind mare who's talent is playing winter sports, and is a member of the winter skiing team that her older brother coaches. She also loves snow and is really sweet.


i fuckin love this DoubleGlider babbu

le base;; srbarker  
South Park OC: Alex Wilson by mrcookie45
South Park OC: Alex Wilson

Name: Alex (Alexandra Rosalina Wilson)
Age: 10
Birthday: July 7th
Gender: Female
Birthplace: California
Current residence: South Park
Parents: Anne and Phil Wilson
Personality: She is tough, loyal, protective and caring. She is always there for her family and friends.
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Best friend: Stan
Crush: Kenny
Likes: Video Games, 
sleep, dirty jokes and fights.
Dislikes: Getting Grounded, Cartman 
and her dad.
Secrets: She used to have a crush on Cartman.


Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Clothes: A blue shirt with a skull, 
lwrinkled blue pants, and black shoes
10 Point Adopt CLOSED by mrcookie45
10 Point Adopt CLOSED
This is a Fancy Pants X Rarity adopt. She's 10 points!

Owned by DrawingBrony13 

Base by Twiily-Bases 
Next Gen: Ginger Gold by mrcookie45
Next Gen: Ginger Gold
Redesign of Savannah Apple

 Ginger Gold
Nicknames: Ginger, Goldie, G.G. 
Age: 18
Pony Type: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: An apple food 
Talent: Making Apple Baked Goods 
Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Parents: Trenderhoof (Father) Applejack (Mother)
Siblings: None
Others: Big Macintosh (Uncle), Fluttershy (Aunt), Dandelion (Cousin) Apple Bloom (Aunt), Tender Taps (Uncle), Apple Dazzle (Cousin)
Special Somepony: N/A
BFF(s): Whirlwind Skies, Violetta Pie, Amethyst, Dandelion, Starshine 

Personality: Sarcastic, Hard Working, Workaholic, Not easy to trick, Generous, Kind.
Likes: Farming, Baking, Her Friends, Quiet Spaces, Practicing to buck apples with her mom  
Dislikes: Shale, Timberwolves, Winter, Being pranked by Whirlwind

- She never met her dad because Trenderhoof and Applejack broke up before she was born 
- She dreams of meeting a princess one day
- She may not be able to fly, but she's certainly stronger than Whirlwind.
- She's sometimes the go to babysitter, since she's pretty good with kids.


Base by FirePony-Bases 
Playground Pals by mrcookie45
Playground Pals
I decided to draw Dandelion with her childhood friends, Ginger and Starshine :aww:

Starshine (the unicorn) is the daughter of Doctor Whooves and Twilight Sparkle

Ginger Gold (the earth filly) is the daughter of Trenderhoof and Applejack

Dandelion (the pegasus) is the daughter of Big Mac and Fluttershy

Base by SelenaEde 
Next Gen: Dandelion Sunrise by mrcookie45
Next Gen: Dandelion Sunrise
Redesign of Red Gala :D

Name: Dandelion Sunrise
Nicknames: Dandelion, Sun, Sunny
Age: 18
Pony Type: Equestrian Pegasus
Cutie Mark (not shown): Two flowers; one pink, one blue
Talent: Gardening
Sexual Orientation: Greysexual Panromatic

Parents: Fluttershy (Mother), Big Macintosh (Father)
Siblings: None
Others: Applejack (Aunt), Ginger Gold (Cousin), Apple Bloom (Aunt), Tender Taps (Uncle), Apple Dazzle (Cousin), Zephyr Breeze (Uncle), Coloratura (Aunt), Bella Voz (Cousin), Mr. Shy (Grandfather), Mrs. Shy (Grandmother)
Special Somepony: Crushing
BFF(s): Whirlwind Skies, Violetta Pie, Amethyst, Ginger Gold, Starshine Whooves

Personality: Sweet, Calming, Nice to talk to, Honest , Hard-Working, Loves Nature
Likes: Being Outside, Calming Music, Hikes, Peace, Hanging around with friends, Baby Animals 
Dislikes: Being way too high up, Bugs, Gossip, Mornings, Getting spooked

- She's not a fast flyer 
- She has a crush on Pinwheel, but she keeps it a secret.
- The only time she flies fast is in an emergency. 
- Tends to never get distracted, always up to listen to people. That's basically her job


Base by FirePony-Bases 
Next Gen: Whirlwind Skies by mrcookie45
Next Gen: Whirlwind Skies
Decided to redesign Whirlwind (AKA Skyline). I'm doing the same w/ all my other Mane Six NG ponies 

 Whirlwind Alexandra Skies
Nicknames: Whirlwind, Whirl, Alex, Sky 
Gender: Mare
Age: 17
Pony Type: Equestrian Pegasus
Cutie Mark (not shown): A grey tornade with a cloud and thunderbolt
Talent: Making Tornados/Dangerous Weather
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual     

Parents: Rainbow Dash (Mother), Soarin' Skies (Father)
Siblings: None 
Other Family: Scootaloo (adoptive aunt), Featherweight (adoptive uncle), Nimbus Feather (adoptive cousin)
Special Somepony : None
BFF(s): Starshine Whooves, Violetta Pie, Dandelion, Amethyst   

Personality: Extreme, Very rambunctious , Stubborn, Pushes herself too much, Can tolerate pain very easily, Tends to shout a lot, Tough on the outside, Caring on the inside
Likes: Doing stunts, Sonic Rainbooms , Doing dangerous things, Rock Music , Her friends, Daring Do books 
Dislikes: Manticores, Cockroaches, Being on the ground, Snobby ponies , Being set up with a stallion 

- She tends to stay close by her friends
- She usually keeps her cousin or mom around when she does stunts, she fears that if she does them alone, she'll get seriously hurt somehow and won't have nobody to call on.
- Tends to fly uncontrollably fast at times , but her mom or dad drags her down before she gets too close to bad injury
- Surprisingly doesn't want to be a Wonderbolt 

I love her design :3

Base by FirePony-Bases 
Mlp Pony Adopts by mrcookie45
Mlp Pony Adopts
Pegasus: 6 points

Unicorn: 5 points

Earth: 4 points 

You May:

-Add/Remove Wings and Horn
 -Change Gender
-Change Hair Style
-Change colors slighty (i.e. light blue to darker blue)
-Add/Remove freckles

You May NOT:
-Use them in ultra grimdark or Rule 34 situations
-Change colors drastically (i.e. light pink to dark green)

And Please use them! And credit me for their designs :D

Base by Riotive
GF: Emily Henderson and Ethan Henderson by mrcookie45
GF: Emily Henderson and Ethan Henderson
Name: Emily Anne Henderson
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Status: Taken by Dipper Pines (Sorry for the Wendy/Pacifica fans)
Nicknames: Emily, Emmy (Dipper), Em (Mabel)
Age: 13 years old

Birthday: April 13th

Relations: Dipper Pines (love interest) Ethan Henderson (twin brother), Mabel, Candy, Pacifica (Friends) Bill Cipher, Stan, Frank Henderson (Father) Cindy Henderson (Mother)

Personality: Once you meet her, she won't stop talking, but when you know her well, she's really sweet. A bit rambunctious and hyper, she's loyal to her friends, but when she gets mad, she might 'accidentally' hurt you.

Accessories: Silver Earrings (not shown; given by Dipper)

Bio: (Coming soon)


Name: Ethan Alvin Henderson
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual 
Status: Taken by Mabel Pines 
Nicknames: Ethan
Age: 13 years old

Birthday: April 13th

Relations: Mabel Pines (love interest) Emily Henderson (twin sister), Dipper, Candy, Pacifica (Friends) Bill Cipher, Stan, Frank Henderson (Father) Cindy Henderson (Mother)

Personality: Once you meet him, he'll be shy and quiet, but when you know him well, he's really caring. Addicted to video games, he's generous to his friends, but when he gets mad or if you mess with his beloved twin sister, you'll be in a body cast.

Accessories: N/A

(Coming soon)

Base by :iconcamille7:
Gift: Daffodil Sky by mrcookie45
Gift: Daffodil Sky
Fanart for :iconsinamuna: because Daffodil is just too awesome! :aww: I hope I did well on this :)

Daffodil Sky belongs to Sinamuna 

Bas by alari1234-Bases 
Still can't believe it's been almost 2 months since I started dating him. :heart: punkrocksavedmylife 

Dedicated to him :aww: :heart: I wuv you :heart:

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